THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO What You Can Achieve when you are INSPIRED & SUPPorted.

Mission Statement
To teach, support and EMPOWER Women & Girls globally to find their VOICE by taking control of their health and being economically self sufficient through business ownership. We provide a comprehensive foundation through dynamic & interactive Health Education workshops, Business & Entrepreneurship courses. All donations and sponsorship aid in achieving our global mission and are 100% tax deductible.

Our Motto: 
"Every woman and girl have a VOICE. We help them Find it, Embrace it & Amplify it.....with CONFIDENCE". Quote by our Founder & President, Lisa L. Dent, M.S Hed


I. Health Education and Advocacy

Our workshops are designed to help you develop the tools needed to be an advocate for yourself or a loved one. You will learn about various healthcare, financial, education and legal resources available coupled with impactful and engaging dialogue and support. We comprehensive Health Education workshops that have a surprising twist. Each engagement is tailored to encompass the mind body and spirit connection. Areas addressed are prevention, disease management, wellness and more. Each engagement is an event itself and you will come away with a different perspective and joy.

** Women Veterans that register any of our  workshops will receive financial assistance.**
**Financial assistance is also available for women who qualify.**

II. Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Chart your own destiny by developing your own income stream. We are not a Business Center, so our approach is very different. Before registering for this course, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have the aptitude and attitude to create, develop and run a business?
  • A you ready for the commitment and sacrifice?
  • Are you ready and willing to get out of your comfort zone?

If the answer is yes to at least two of the questions above then we promised to provide you with lessons based on theory and current business practices to succeed. The information learned can be implemented immediately for starting and running a successful business. Leave your "rose-colored glasses" at home because you're in good hands with our Instructors. They are successful women business owners and experts in the disciplines that they teach.

** Women Veterans that register for any of our workshops will receive financial assistance. **
**Financial assistance is also available for women who qualify.**

III. International Outreach

Our international program has three tiers:

  1. Health Education workshops and hands-on activities for women and girls
  2. Entrepreneurship/Business Services assisting micro-loan recipients with business operations
Educational Services-providing classroom instruction for Lower & Middle School girls and providing curriculum development with on-site teacher.
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